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About the sensual tea

You can find countless formulas available said to enable men to boost, maintain and revitalize their sexual prowess in any drug store or specialty shop. Some of these products are really effective (seeking to use effective elements to increase blood flow to the penis and augment testosterone levels) However, others seem to have a limited knowledge of male sexuality that may produce very limited results.

 For this reason, it’s very important to looking for certain proven extracts that are known to increase sexual performance in men – many of which have been used for centuries to augment and revitalize male sexuality.

 The sensual tea Ginsengtea is a traditional blend of oriental herbs (The sensual tea Jinshenkang are not dug or chemical but natural herbal sexual enhancement products, containing only natural ingredients) that has been used for centuries with proven success.

 The sensual tea Ginsengtea contains three elements we usually look for in a male sexuality formula - Ginseng, Tribulus and Epimedium. Each of these elements has a long history of being used in holistic medicine to enable men with premature ejaculation to last longer and achieve a higher level of pleasure for them and their partner, increase virility, sex drive and potency.

 In short, the sensual tea Ginsengtea is guaranteed to increase libido, enhance your sexual pleasure safely, and re-energize the sex drive of both men and women. Furthermore, the sensual tea Jinshenkang has 85% success rate in treating Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction.

 Here are 6 main factors of the sensual tea Jinshenkang:

l         Fast-effective

l         The ability to get an erection with ease

l         Super-charged sexual desire

l         Much longer staying power

l         As all natural tea and no side-effects

l         Dramatically improved sexual performance

 The sensual tea Ginsengtea is made up of all-natural ingredients (main containing):

l         Ginseng

l         Tribulus terrestris

l         Epimedium

l         Dodder Seed

l         Jujube



Only 40 minutes after taking the tea, it works fast.If you take a meal high in fat will be taken 60 minutes before. 

 Not only impel man to quickly erect his penis, but improve the sexual desire of woman. Especially, its effect is better when both man and woman take it simultaneously.

 Sexual intercourse will last 40 minutes or longer, and stimulate sexual desire repeatedly within 12 hours, encountering the stimuli of the opposite sex.

 It is recommended to dissolve the contents of a bag of 10 grams in a volume of cold or hot water 25 to 33 cl minimum, which you can add lemon and honey for flavor; it can also be dissolved in juice fruit or other beverages. 

 Operating Precautions 

Do not mix with soft drinks and avoid excess alcohol it can cause hot flashes, facial flushing, palpitations or headache, although without serious consequences but still unpleasant. 

 If you suffer from heart problems, consult your doctor first and meet its stringent requirements for the sexual act itself increases the cardiovascular effort. 

 Not recommended during pregnancy. 

 Keep out of reach of children.

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