S. B. Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

 specialized in manufacturing and selling different kinds of herbal extracting mixture functional  granule, capsules,pills,tablets, Also include the packaging design and production. 

Now sell like hot cakes product is A  improve ED grain tea, (name : the sensual tea orJinshenkang tea ) is the main raw material plant extract mixture. Had the  Mexico ,France ,South Korea,ext. countries's FDA legal license. 

Other products and ,Reduce the fat, resist fatigue, improve the female sex apathy, improve sleep, and so on.We depends on abundant Chinese herbal medicine of Sichuan, clean natural ecological environment to devote the modernization and industrialization of  traditional Chinese medicine.

 As a professional manufacturer , Our factory adopt the GMP standard production line ,owning advanced plant extracts two production lines, one pilot line and delicate separation line. Own over 2500 tons annual processing plant materials , 360 tons annual production for herbal medicine extracts products. The production equipment is advanced, technology mature, test equipment is perfect, scientific research team of our own “biological engineering research center” have capability of new product development . We establish technical cooperation with experts and professors of six junior colleges, universities and research institutes to realize the one..stop industry Of research, production and sales . Now we have already mastered formula and product process of hundreds .of traditional Chinese medicine. At present immunity series and beauty haematosis series, antiatheroscloresis, developing hair, steady tooth, brighting eye, brain and so on. The male enhancement functional tea.Jingshenkang is approval by customers , and the monthly production many  tons. 

Our products are sold to Mexico, USA, France, Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa and other countries with endeavor of international sales . We are an export-oriented technology enterprise that set research and development, production,sales as one whole and mastered industrycore technology,we are a reliable professional R&D manufacturing enterprise of the plant extract functional tea.