.sex pill, sex medicine, make fast erection  2.safe and natural   3.no side effect   4.high quality, cheap price
Brief introduction:The Levitra adopts the latest technology in extracting essences from various plants to make male’s supplements which can enhance blood flow of penis, generate production of hormone, enlarge the size of cavernous body of penis.
When erecting, there will be more blood in the cavemous body, more than 30% of blood than usual. In this way, the male genital will be stronger, longer. Moreover, it can prevent prospermia, enabling  male to be more self-confident and more excited during sexual intercourse.
Pure herbal formulation, the product has no side effects on human body. It contains no chemical endocrine and long-term application of the product has no adverse reactions such as thirsty, anxious, headache and high blood pressure, etc.
Components: Korean ginseng, Ginseng, Cistanche, Sea cucumber, Cordy sinensis, Saffron crocus, Wolfberry fruit, etc.
Using range: Prostatitis, Small&short penis, Impotence&prospermia, Not strong enough after erection, Stamina insufficient, Memory declination, etc.
Usage&Dosage:One orally twenty minutes before sexual intercourse.
Guarantee period: Three years
Note:The product is for adults only. Do not use twice within 24 hours. Drink enough boiled water if you feel uncomfortable after application

.sex pill, sex medicine, make fast erection 2.safe and natural 3.no side effect 4.high quality, cheap price

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